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Residential Care Center Hof Ter Waarbeek opts for an innovative call system

Residential Care Center Hof Ter Waarbeek recently chose to implement the LynX ecosystem. This resulted in a remarkable improvement in the care experience. The introduction of an innovative call system, improved lighting, and other advanced features, such as wandering detection and alarm visualization via lighting, have enriched the quality of care for residents and reduced the pressure on the caregiving staff.

Wayfinding through lighting

One of the most notable features of the innovation in the nursing home is alarm visualization through lighting. By using colors in the lighting, caregivers can quickly and intuitively see where an alarm notification occurs. This enables them to respond immediately, ensuring the safety of residents. Moreover, the new lighting system is specially designed to promote the well-being of residents. By creating the right atmosphere and adjusting the light levels at different times of the day, residents are encouraged to maintain a normal day and night rhythm. This has a positive impact on their sleep, mood, and overall health.

Wandering detection

Safety is also highly valued in the secure unit through the implementation of wandering detection. Residents with wandering behavior are given a wristband that detects when the resident is outside of a safe zone. This is tailored to the residents and gives caregivers the opportunity to intervene at the appropriate time.

Therefore, according to director Frank De Corte, "collaborating in the future is a no-brainer".