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Distinct connection of old and new

Austrian Post is an important institution in public life. It now also takes up this place structurally at Vienna's Rochusmarkt. The new Austrian Post headquarters was built in 2017 in the bustling Rochusmarkt district. With an atrium-like link, the architects from Schenker Salvi Weber and feld72 have skilfully combined old and new buildings, tradition and modernity. The special features of this multi-layered construction are emphasised by the lighting solution from Zumtobel, which is based on a concept by lighting planner and designer Christian Ploderer.

Open spaces, flexible office landscapes, no fixed workstations and a dedicated clean-desk philosophy: The headquarters of Österreichische Post AG, which opened in 2017, appears progressive and agile. But it is not only the office culture that is moving with the times: The architecture, too, features impressive contemporary functionality and aesthetics. The building calmly blends into the densely built-up area right in the heart of Vienna's third district – and in doing so fills the gap in urban development at the Rochusplatz.

Atrium leads the way into the office building

Inside the building, Zumtobel installed a lighting concept from a single source. It skilfully combines daylight and artificial light, differentiates light colours and makes luminaires seemingly disappear into the architecture. The central focus of the building is the 35-metre-tall, elongated atrium. As an interface between the old and new building sections, it connects all the office floors. Zumtobel illuminates it with a skylight and soft, diffuse artificial light. The PANOS evolution downlights from Zumtobel produce a neutral, white light and are barely visible in the concrete ceilings above the connecting stairway.

Light for communication and concentration

The architects have created a generous interior design in the different floors of the post office headquarters, with open communication zones and clearly defined retreat areas for the 1,100 employees. The lounge, which is also home to a stamp museum, is illuminated by the modular INTRO LED lighting system. With single spotlights built into the acoustic ceiling, this system ensures clear general lighting. It is supplemented by the SLOTLIGHT infinity light lines that are recessed in the ceiling.

Connection of functional and emotional qualities

"They lend the corridors and offices a feel-good atmosphere, show visitors the way and, at the same time, offer a contemporary lighting contrast," said Martin Birnbaum, Sales Representative at Zumtobel Austria. "With our concept, we combine function and emotion, offering orientation as well as an inspiring, motivating lighting scene in the building."

In the conference rooms, Zumtobel has combined round ONDARIA LED surface luminaires with additional DIAMO spotlights in the corners of the rooms. The lighting situation in the room can therefore take a variety of forms. Depending on requirements, the lighting solution can support group conversation or concentration on a lecture given from the front. The ONDARIA luminaires are big, but they are also extremely flat and therefore do not take up much space visually. This results in an open, communicative atmosphere.

Special equipment ensures different light colours

At the computer workplaces in the post office headquarters, MIREL evolution pendant luminaires ensure maximum visual comfort. As a special feature, they offer two different light colours – 4000 Kelvin direct light and 3500 Kelvin indirect light. Thanks to their purist design and the complementary light colours, they blend seamlessly into the room architecture.

Award-winning project

The harmonious blend of old and new, the functional yet extremely aesthetic use of public spaces – the new post office sets benchmarks for contemporary architecture right in the heart of tradition-steeped Vienna. The multiple awards for the building on the Rochusmarkt attest to this: These include the Austrian State Prize for Architecture 2018 in the category "Administration", the Best of Architecture and Interior AiT Award 2018 in the category "Offices" and the "Office of the Year Award" 2017 in the category "Large Company".

BU AT1801 5401 Post am Rochus