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Lighting solution for Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

Lighting from the Zumtobel and acdc brands have been chosen to provide the illumination for the impressive, state-of-the-art Milton Keynes HQ of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, which includes MK-7, a vibrant new event space within the factory that has been created to provide a unique, immersive and exciting environment.

As part of an exclusive team supplier agreement between the companies, Zumtobel and acdchave provided the perfect ambience to showcase the racing cars and graphics in the versatile and dynamic MK-7, whilst providing the ideal illumination for other areas of the facility. The two companies, both market leaders in their own fields, are building a relationship that will benefit both high-tech brands. Zumtobel and acdc are contributing their extensive expertise and experience and, in addition to an outstanding lighting solution, providing an ongoing service for the development of the prestigious Aston Martin Red Bull Racing site. Both companies are working together to portray the brand image in the correct light, whilst saving energy and creating the best possible environment for staff and visitors alike. Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Zumtobel and acdc are creating a winning combination with a shared vision of excellence, delivering solutions that are tailored to the success of their objectives.

The journey begins at the entrance of MK-7, low glare downlights have been used to provide moody, atmospheric pools of light that give the feeling of anticipation to guests entering the space. The reception area has been illuminated with Zumtobel’s SLOTLIGHT Infinity with its consistently linear design and high precision that achieves a completely new dimension of linearity: it is three-dimensional, linear and yet dynamic. The area used to showcase the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing fleet of racing cars required experimentation to light all 14 models from RB1 to RB14 as required.

The original brief was to use mainly blue light, one of the predominant colours along with red and yellow used for the cars’ livery and, after looking at many alternatives, it was decided that this provided the perfect solution if additional coloured light was added to the blue in the mixing palette. Concept designer Shaun Lawry then experimented using white light to determine product positioning to create the best modelling effects and, by introducing RGB started playing with the colour to establish what worked and what didn’t and discovered that the effect of blue light would kill the colours of red and yellow but established that with the introduction of red and green light provided the necessary energy to highlight the logos across the cars’ livery.

As the concept was modelled in 3DS MAX software using true photometry and virtual cameras, the Zumtobel Group design team were able to animate and demonstrate the lighting effect and controls that would be possible. This provided an in-depth knowledge of how the car design livery would react to different coloured light and how blues and yellows could be used to emphasise the colour graphics being used.

"We have successfully provided a chiaroscuro effect which draws attention purely to the form and shape of the cars, then by adding colour we have added an extra dimension and focus towards the cars’ livery." — Shaun Lawry, Concept designer

The final scheme used three lights to illuminate each car. With the final positioning the design team were able to set the luminaires to use mainly blue and yellow light which were used to switch on and emphasise the true brand colours of the cars’ livery. All fittings have been supplied in black to blend seamlessly with the surrounding decor.

To negate the need to turn on all of the specialist lighting for cleaning and maintenance tasks, high-performance CRAFT high-bay luminaires from Zumtobel have been installed in the ceiling on an 11 pole TECTON trunking system that allows luminaires to be moved, using CLIX-technology, should the layout of the space change. TECTON trunking bosting up to 40 % shorter installation times requires initial installation by a trained electrician but, once in place, fittings can easily be snapped into position via CLIX-technology by means of two side-mounted rotary levers on the TECTON trunking.

In addition to the lighting in the main event space, SUPERSYSTEM LED spotlight is highlighting the drivers’ helmets in the display cases in the MK-7 Boardroom, providing uniform light distribution with high intensity and soft transitions, without stray light from the light cone.

DMX has been used throughout the project with the exception of the MK-7 Boardroom where a DALI system is employed to control the ambience of the room. RESCLITE PRO from Zumtobel is providing the flexible, programmable and efficient emergency lighting throughout the facility. This smart emergency luminaire utilises new lenses to provide enhanced flexibility and combines an unobtrusive look with the highest function-driven performance. The emergency lighting uses eBox, a central battery system that has been optimised for use with efficient LED technology. Energy, reducing consumption in addition to keeping maintenance to a minimum.

We are delighted with this project and proud to be the lighting supplier of choice for Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. With our multi-brand approach we can offer the customer a broad portfolio of products and this gives our design teams the tools to come up with spectacular designs like this that tick all the boxes.

Matthew Boucher, Managing Director of the Zumtobel Group

"Aston Martin Red Bull Racing are excited to have Zumtobel Group as a Team Supplier. We are using Zumtobel Group’s expertise in lighting as we bring updates to workspaces across our Design, R&D, and Manufacturing site, and also in our flagship hospitality space, MK-7. In MK-7 we have leveraged the full spectrum of Zumtobel Group’s lighting products and together have created a welcoming and inspiring space to showcase the history of the Team, for team guests to visit and for large events." — Terry Brice, Head of Infrastructure at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

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