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Business and law studies "in the best light"

Transparency, visibility, collaboration: the architecture of the new Bristol Business School and Bristol Law School aims to reflect these values. Opened in 2017, the 55-million-pound structure is one of the main buildings on the campus of the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol). Zumtobel supplied a customised lighting solution for the space of over 17,000 square metres, which is not only contemporary and stylish, but also offers maximum performance.

On 7 floors, the Bristol Business School and the Bristol Law School teach future economists, accountants, marketing and human resources specialists in subjects such as entrepreneurship, management, leadership and strategy. In the Law department, not only is law taught, solicitors and criminal defence lawyers, among others, also receive very practical training. An optimal, "live" learning environment for the 5,500 or so students in the Business and Law Schools requires an appropriate lighting solution.

Inspired by natural light

"The University of the West of England needed our lighting solution to be powerful, highly energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance", says Paul Ashford, Key Account Manager at Zumtobel UK. "We relied heavily on the qualities of natural light for this project. Our lighting helps increase students' alertness and motivation, and supports communication between teachers and students."

Wide variety of downlights

For all passageways and sanitary facilities in the faculty building, the Austrian lighting experts used PANOS evolution. The downlights are distinguished by their high colour rendering (RA > 80) and are available in different variants, with luminous flux values of 1000 lm, 1800 lm or 2400 lm. The colour temperature scale provides either warm-white light (3000 K) or a neutral-white colour temperature (4000 K). Thanks to their discreet, harmonious designs, the PANOS evolution downlights blend unobtrusively into the room and architecture.

Also used in the passageways is the SLOTLIGHT infinity. The LED continuous-row lighting system provides the building with extremely uniform light – and prevents shadow formation.

Streamlined, comfortable, efficient

The practice courtrooms set up specifically for training future lawyers are a particular feature of the Bristol Law School. These special spaces and approximately 150 offices in the building are illuminated by the LINCOR indirect-direct pendant luminaire. With its streamlined, unobtrusive design, the LINCOR creates an elegant line through the room. Its contemporary minimalism emphasises the spatial axis and the Stride Treglown architects' concept. The powerful LED technology forms a cross section of only 63 mm square – creating high-quality indirect-direct lighting.

Out of the "cave"

MELLOW LIGHT V provides the office spaces with lively, gentle, reflection-free light. The Zumtobel luminaire is modelled on daylight – and imitates its uniformity, which we find natural and beautiful. Closed lighting chambers produce the characteristic direct/indirect light. Reflections are eliminated by various optics – creating the perfect conditions for screen work. The so-called cave effect is avoided. This effect can make ceilings of a room appear particularly dark because the light is focused too sharply downwards. Thanks to the uniform ceiling lighting provided by MELLOW LIGHT V, the working environment at the UWE Bristol appears very friendly and motivating.

Light shapes the learning environment

Inspire, activate, communicate: Zumtobel's eye-catching, contemporary lighting installation for the University of the West of England fits perfectly with the newly designed, fresh learning environment in Bristol. Pleasant colour temperatures and the ability to adjust the lighting characteristics to personal preferences support a wide range of campus activities – from public discussion groups to private study group meetings. Bristol's business economists and lawyers of tomorrow benefit from studying "in the best light".

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