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Zumtobel tunableWhite lighting solution for offices

Precision, innovation and technical sophistication are qualities that define the new section of the Doppelmayr headquarters in Austria. The Viennese architecture firm AllesWirdGut (which translates as ‘everything will be fine’) has used the "Hohe Brücke" office project to establish an unconventional working environment that prioritises communication, interaction and ensuring a relaxed atmosphere. Premium office lighting from Zumtobel, which utilises tunableWhite technology to adapt the light in line with the dynamics of natural daylight, makes a valuable contribution to the realisation of this cutting-edge concept.

The striking silhouette of the new Doppelmayr company headquarters marks the start of the "Hohe Brücke" (high bridge) commercial zone in the Austrian town of Wolfurt. Despite varying sizes and heights, this complex of six-storey building stands out as a convincing single entity with real presence.

The new construction, designed by the Viennese architecture firm AllesWirdGut, is divided into three zones: West, Middle and East. The east-facing segment on the ground floor houses an impressive glazed reception and exhibition space. Behind this semi-public area is the middle section, where meeting and training rooms can be found. The heart of the middle zone has been designed as an atrium – the so-called “Doppelmayr Square” – in which elaborate architecture delivers a canyon-like atmosphere. The west-facing core is wedged directly between two buildings, where the intentional narrowness is plain for all to see and feel.

Office spaces of different sizes are grouped together in the individual buildings along an inner spine, from which the various communal areas can also be entered. The views and perspectives offered by this access zone generate a sense of high spatial quality and demonstrate the special character of the unique design. Despite a clear emphasis on communication, interaction and togetherness, quiet work and concentration are also supported by an approach that really puts the user at the centre.

This principle has also been applied to the high-quality lighting solution from Zumtobel. The right light in the corridors is provided by SLOTLIGHT infinity, a stylish linear luminaire that enables architects and designers to work with precise lines of light.

In the new offices, LIGHT FIELDS evolution impresses in terms of both technical performance and aesthetics. Innovative technology helps the luminaire blend outstanding glare-free light with high efficiency and excellent flexibility – a combination that enables this cutting-edge office solution to create optimum lighting conditions for a range of situations. The tunableWhite versions of LIGHT FIELDS evolution in the executive offices adjust the light colour and intensity in line with the natural daylight dynamics, making a real difference when it comes to well-being and comfort.

tunableWhite from Zumtobel

Zumtobel's tunableWhite follows the Active Light approach, providing a holistic lighting ecosystem that carefully harnesses the advantages of natural light and actively enhances well-being in working spaces. Office applications are currently going through a period of great change, as the workplace increasingly becomes a venue for creativity – a place where inspiration and relaxation go hand in hand. Zumtobel is at the forefront of this development, offering comprehensive lighting systems that promote well-being in harmony with architecture. Solutions featuring tunableWhite technology, a cornerstone of Zumtobel's Active Light concept, bring the benefits of Mother Nature to your office space.

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