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Smart lighting in the healthcare sector picking up speed

Zumtobel and LynX® team up

The Belgian software platform LynX®, used by hospitals and residential care centres for their critical communication, will be collaborating with the Austrian luminaire manufacturer Zumtobel, a global player in the lighting industry. The collaboration should accelerate the innovative use of lighting in the healthcare sector.

“The healthcare sector is always looking for ways to offer a better care experience, and the sector can make a great deal of progress with the smart use of light. The collaboration between LynX® and Zumtobel should now accelerate this use."

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Zumtobel provides innovative lighting solutions that focus on product and service quality, unique design and sustainability.

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LynX® developed a flexible and versatile alarm and communication solution especially for the healthcare sector.

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25-8 specialises in designing, building and integrating communication solutions for care organisations and emergency zones.

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