Smart lighting in the healthcare sector picking up speed

Zumtobel en LynX® partnership

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Smart lighting in the healthcare sector picking up speed

The Belgian software platform LynX®, used by hospitals and residential care centres for their critical communication, will be collaborating with the Austrian Zumtobel, a global player in the lighting industry. The collaboration should accelerate the innovative use of lighting in the healthcare sector.

“The healthcare sector is always looking for ways to offer a better care experience, and the sector can make a great deal of progress with the smart use of light. The collaboration between LynX® and Zumtobel should now accelerate this use."

For example, smart use of light can ensure that residents with wandering behaviour are intuitively guided to safe places: the nursing station will be lit up and the exit subtly darkened.

Smart lighting technology

Bert Verschuren, CEO of Zumtobel Benelux: "Until recently, healthcare organisations chose their lighting on the basis of two questions: is there adequate light at all times of day, and is the fitting a good aesthetic match for the building concept? Now we are seeing that they are also asking a third question: how can the lighting that we will install help us to provide even better care? And by this they mean better for the caregivers, the care recipients and for the visitors to the hospital or residential care centre.”

That´s where LynX® comes into the picture. The software platform is part of the Telecom-IT Group and developed the product LynX® activated, a smart lighting technology.

Filip Gelaude, CEO of LynX®: "Via our smart lighting, for example, nurses can see at a glance where they are needed for an intervention. Patients or residents also understand intuitively that their call was well received and that help is on the way. But the lighting can also serve to locate people and goods. Or we can give the lighting in a residential care centre a different colour tone in the morning than later in the evening.”

"There are infinitely many scenarios to be configured, which we always work out together with the departments involved."

Sint-Lucas General Hospital

For example, LynX® activated was recently integrated by 25-8 - also part of the Telecom-IT Group, with more than 500 customers in the healthcare sector - into the day-to-day functioning of Sint-Lucas General Hospital in Ghent and the Zeno General Hospital in Blankenberge.

Tom Messiaen, managing partner 25-8: “Sint-Lucas opted for intelligent LED lighting in the hallways, as a result of which the already-planned investment in lighting can be put to broader use. The lighting now also functions as a semaphore, emergency lighting and, during an evacuation or a necessary resuscitation, points the way to the emergency exit or the patient concerned."

Also in residential care centres

Smart lighting proves its usefulness in residential care centres as well. Messiaen: “Residents with wandering behaviour receive a bracelet. The advanced light management system then ensures that residents with wandering behaviour are intuitively guided to safe places. For example, the nursing station will be lit up while the exit is subtly darkened."


The collaboration between LynX® and Zumtobel will now initially focus on further developing LynX® lifeline.

“With the integration of LynX® into our fittings, we can henceforth offer our customers in the healthcare sector an important functional added value and thus continue to grow as market leader in lighting for healthcare organisations,” concludes Bert Verschuren, CEO of Zumtobel Benelux

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