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Linear sequence

Clear lines? Lines clearly dominate! Leser GmbH, Europe's biggest manufacturer of safety valves, opened its company headquarters in Hamburg in 2016, in a building characterised by geometric shapes and linear design. The lighting also picks up on this puristic concept: Together with lighting solution partner NDB Elektrotechnik, Zumtobel relies on subtle light lines. These surround the walkways into the building and, installed parallel to each other at the sides of the staircase floor, stretch through all floors.

The light follows the shape: The Zumtobel light lines even follow this approach for the free-standing staircase with its striking bend. The offices and meeting rooms, on the other hand, are dominated by wide-area yet linear luminaires. They follow the angular ceiling pattern.

Flexible, but functional

Harmonious, high quality, as flush with the ceiling as possible, yet flexible and functional – that's what those in charge at Leser GmbH wanted from their office lighting. Zumtobel installed SLOTLIGHT light lines at close intervals. These illuminate the safety valve specialist's premises uniformly and allow for flexible arrangement of the furnishings. LIGHT FIELDS evolution free-standing luminaires provide uniform levels of neutral white light for the workplaces, each of which are shared by two employees. SEQUENCE pendant luminaires were chosen for the meeting rooms. They make the rooms appear bigger because they illuminate the ceiling indirectly.

Artificial light reacts to daylight and motion

"The illuminance is adapted to the employees' needs," reveals Frank Behrens from Zumtobel's lighting solution partner NDB Elektrotechnik. A KNX-based light management system ensures daylight-linked dimming of both the LIGHT FIELDS evolution and the SEQUENCE luminaires – and that they respond to motion. "Given the importance of flexibility, we installed many floor sockets so that the free-standing luminaires can be repositioned without causing any problems," said Frank Behrens.

Product presentation without dust traps

The CRAFT high-bay luminaires on the ceiling of the stairwell make a distinctive statement. These luminaires illuminate the room-high walls uniformly – and thus a piping system that presents the various safety valves from Leser GmbH. "First we considered working with rails and spotlights," said Frank Behrens from NDB Elektrotechnik. "But since this would have resulted in a lot of dust traps, we opted for the ceiling solution."

Only the canteen and break area deviate from the linear concept: There, round PANOS evolution downlights form a successful contrast to the otherwise square ceiling elements. With their organic shape, the downlights invite communication and exchange.

Digital expertise and years of practical experience come together

The light experts used two software programmes to keep an eye on the optics and profitability of the customised lighting solution for Leser GmbH from the outset: With the DIALux light planning programme, it was possible to simulate different combinations of downlights, ceiling luminaires and free-standing luminaires in the open plan office. With QuickCalc, Zumtobel calculated how profitable the desired solution would be – a wonderful example of the successful combination of digital expertise and many years of practical experience.

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