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A unique renovation in AZ Zeno

AZ Zeno will renovate the right wing of its campus in Blankenberge in the coming years. Among other facilities, this wing will house a brand-new facial clinic, accommodating ophthalmology, stomatology, otolaryngology, and plastic surgery. "Our campus in Blankenberge should have the same allure as the campus in Knokke-Heist."

Bart Dewaele, Director of Care at AZ Zeno, explains: "As part of the broad renovation framework, we are already modernizing our day clinic, formerly the intensive care unit, following the vision we also applied to the Knokke campus. With ample light and white tones, complemented by supportive technology for nursing staff. Like the smart lighting technology of LynX® lifeline, which I find brilliant. For nurses and doctors, it's immediately clear where they need to be in case of problems."

"I believe that 25-8 contributes perfectly to what we as a hospital stand for: using technological innovation to enhance the comfort of both caregivers and patients," adds Bart Dewaele.

Additionally, the lighting serves as emergency lighting and can guide the way to emergency exits or the patient in need of resuscitation during evacuation. For the day clinic, AZ Zeno also opts for LynX® first: a person-following call system, instead of a traditional room-bound solution. When a patient activates an alarm, LynX® first's localization technology always informs the nursing units exactly where the call originated, regardless of the patient's location at that time.

"The day clinic offers the opportunity to pilot our integrated solution in a small setting, after which we hope to further roll it out when the hospital is completely renovated," concludes Dante Meulemeester, Senior Business Consultant at 25-8.