Reduce agitation in case of wandering behaviour

Build a safe home for those who live in your residential care centre. A dementia-friendly living environment taking into account of safety, recognition and orientation contributes to quality of life.

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Gidsend licht voor een veilige thuis

Een dementievriendelijke leefomgeving die rekening houdt met veiligheid, herkenbaarheid en oriëntatie, voor optimale levenskwaliteit. Hoe maak je daar werk van? Met welke zorg, en met welke oplossingen?

Om je te ondersteunen, schreven we dit e-book. Het biedt niet alleen vele praktische handvaten, maar belicht ook hoe technologie die warme, veilige, dementievriendelijke
thuis kan scheppen.

Dementia-friendly living

Zumtobel LynX® activated shows you the way

People with dementia can feel uncertain and lost in a new environment, such as a residential care centre. They feel completely lost in a place they don´t recognise, and often engage in wandering and runaway behaviour. Thanks to our smart lighting, which communicates with their armband via Bluetooth, we can precisely locate them and steer them back intuitively onto the right path.

We can put extra light in safe zones, such as the nursing station or living space, and subtly dim zones that should be avoided, such as the kitchen or exit. We restore their feeling of calm.

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Why Zumtobel LynX® activated?

Everyone at ease


Offer an intuitive living environment that causes as little confusion as possible and simplifies the small battles of day-to-day life.

Care personnel

Support your care personnel with the right technology. A better care experience, without extra work pressure.


Give peace of mind to family and friends and devote attention to the specific needs of residents with dementia.


Invest in a dementia-friendly living environment

Patients with dementia need a safe and comfortable environment that causes as little confusion as possible and simplifies the small battles of day-to-day life.

Zumtobel LynX® activated is an advanced localisation infrastructure built around a light management system, as a result of which residents do not wander around, they remain safe in emergency situations, and the day-to-day work of care givers is made easier.

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Situations for which we offer solutions

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Respect for the privacy of residents

Thanks to Bluetooth in the lighting you can locate people indoors, in order to recognise wandering behaviour, for example. But naturally, their privacy remains vitally important.

The software and hardware of Zumtobel LynX® activated are thus strictly secured so that only authorised persons can access them.

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